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Liberation concert 2018

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Liberation concert 2018

Ann Geerts

November 1918, end of the First World War.
Joy for the victory, misery and sorrow for all that was broken, courage to rebuild.
In 2018 Elixir d’Anvers will present its new program  “Music of dream and deed” on the occasion of the commemoration of the First World War.
Together with soprano Liesbeth Devos, Elixir d’Anvers plunged again into its library and gathered music from this turbulent period.
Moreover Elixir d’Anvers brings the original music they interpreted for the shooting of the prestigious TV series “In Flanders Fields”
With: Liesbeth Devos (soprano), Hans Cammaert (violin), Martin Valcke (piano), Wim Voet (clarinet), Katelijn Van Kerckhoven (cello), Pieter Schuermans (double bass) 


Your King and Country want You, P. Rubens
Brautfarht, M. Rhode
Chanson de l’adieu, P. Tosti
Serenade, M. Moskowski
Im Chambre séparée, R. Heuberger
La lettre du soldat Canadien, J. Savasta
Noelle des enfants qui n’ont plus de maison, C. Debussy
Trios beaux oiseaux du paradis, M. Ravel
Lise et Lucas, H. Mouton
Abadaba Honeymoon, A. Fields
In flanders, I. Gurney
The Whistler and his dog, A. Pryor
Three o’clock in the morning, J. Robledo
Elegie, J. Massenet
Twelfth Street rag, L. Bowmann
Männer sind allen Verbrecher, W. Kollo
La Petite Tonkinoise, V. Scotto
I’m forever blowing bubbles, J. Kellette



Elixir d’Anvers
Liesbeth Devos

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