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Marjan Hellraeth  |  Managing Director

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Ann Geerts  |  Promotion & Administration

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AULOS represents national and international musicians, conductors, artists, music ensembles and music companies. AULOS is committed to provide support so that they can focus on their artistic creation.

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AULOS supports and connects artists with event organizers and new audiences to nourish an endless passion for music.

Music is the universal language of mankind
— Henry Longfellow

With great musical passion, AULOS supports a wide range of musicians and projects in the space where music meets theatre, art and dance.

Artist and project management

AULOS represents national and international musicians, music ensembles and music companies who bring sublime performances to the stage. From tapping into their network of national and international concert organisers and press, to handling administration, promotion, sponsorship, and recording, AULOS is committed to supporting artists so that they can focus on their artistic creation.

Team spirit

Marjan Hellraeth founded AULOS in 2011 as a spin-off of Musica et Poetica vzw, an organization focused on hosting living room concerts across Flandres. This exceptional format that still lives on with success.

In 2015, Ann Geerts joined the team. Bringing her extensive experience in event production, along with exceptional organisational and administrative skills, Ann reinforces the expertise of AULOS to create beautiful projects.

Marjan and Ann strongly believe in transparency and personal contact. Quality, efficiency and professionalism are just a few  values that AULOS holds to heart when organising an event or a music production. The duo are highly appreciated for their enthusiasm and expertise within this fast-moving cultural landscape.

AULOS is legally represented by Caro di piu vzw.
Composition of the Board of Directors: Pascal Mallien; Stef Achtergaele ; Bénédicte Jacqmain.

Marjan Hellraeth

Marjan Hellraeth


What’s in a name?

An ‘aulos’ (Ancient Greek: αὐλός, plural αὐλοί, auloi[1]) or tibia (Latin) was an ancient Greek wind instrument, depicted often in art and also attested by archaeology.

The ancient Roman equivalent was the tibicen (plural tibicines), from the Latin tibia, "pipe, aulos."  The earliest surviving examples of auloi have been found at Koilada, Thessaly and date from the Neolithic period (c. 5000 BCE). 

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Marjan Hellraeth started to organise concerts and word performances in 2003 in the cosy setting of a living room under the name of MUSICA et POETICA.

MUSICA et POETICA vzw supports young talent, stimulates quality arts and brings it in the intimate setting of a home. The spectator enjoys inspiring performances at a professional level in a particular context.

More info about MUSICA ET POETICA.