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Keiko Shichijo - Piano & pianoforte

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Keiko Shichijo - Piano & pianoforte

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Pianist & fortepianist Keiko Shichijo is a special voice in both the Classical and new music worlds. Her traditional Japanese sensibilities have combined with her knowledge of European historical performance practices to shape her unique vision, and this is reflected in her feeling for the music, the instruments and the story behind them. 

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Hailing from Japan but residing in the Netherlands for the past decade, she is a prizewinner in many international competitions, including twice the International Early Music Competition (solo and duo) in Brugge, Belgium, The International Early Music Competition "A Tre" in Trossingen in Germany and the Minkoff Prize from the music publisher, Edition Minkoff. Recent performances include the festivals Printemps Des Arts (France), Utrecht Oude Muziek Festival (Holland), MA Festival (Belgium) and Midis-Minimes (Belgium), a Mozart piano concerto with the Stradivaria orchestra, a historical setting of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, a program of Satie at the Concergebouw Amsterdam with mezzo Antje Lohse and tours throughout India and Japan.  In 2012 Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments in Japan released her first fortepiano solo CD of works by Schubert.

Her second solo CD “6 Dances by Komitas Vardapet”was released in 2016.

Keiko Shichijo has a violin/fortepiano duo with renowned violinist Cecilia Bernardini and they have performed throughout Europe.

As a specialist in contemporary music Keiko has worked with many composers, including Helmut Lachenmann, Tom Johnson, Frederick Rzewski, Johannes Kalitzke en Bernhard Lang. Her recent performance includes the premiere performance of piano concerto by Ben Richter Janacek Philharmonic.

"purity of sounds-breathtaking"

"Her sound filled the hall as one huge warm blanket."

Keiko Shichijo studied fortepiano with Prof. Stanley Hoogland and organ with Prof. Pieter van Dijk in Amsterdam Conservatory, and specialized contemporary music with Prof. Daan Vandewalle in Royal Conservatory of Ghent in Belgium.

Keiko Shichijo is active around the world playing both solo and chamber music.

PROGRAMME 2018-2019

♫ Solo PIANO

A tribute to Komitas Vardapet.
In 1906, Komitas Vardapet wrote a cycle of 6 dance for piano in Paris. The music works are based on original Armenian dances and form, at the very least, original compositions. Keiko Shichijo performs them in an immersive, playful and enchanting manner.

Keiko Shichijo - Komitas Vardapet - Six Dances.jpg

♫ Solo PIANO - contemporary

Modern works by German composer Helmut Lachenmann and his Austrian colleague Alexander Moosbrugger are central to this recital.
John Cage - seven Haiku for piano (1952)
Helmut Lachenmann - Ein Kinderspiel, seven little pieces for piano (1980)
Jo Kondo - High Window (1996)
Alexander Moosbrugger - The Books (Encore) (2005)
~ Pause ~
Helmut Lachenmann - Serynade (1998)
Keiko Shichijo - Helmut Lachenmann - Serynade (1998)


FORTEPIANO (5 en 5,5 octaves)

1. Fantasy and Variations

J. S. Bach: Chromatische Fantasie und Fuge mit Frühfassung BWV 903
C. P. E. Bach: Fantasia in A-dur, wq 58-7
Beethoven: Klaviersonate Nr. 14 op. 27 Nr. 2 in cis-Moll „Sonata quasi una Fantasia”
~ Pause ~
Beethoven: Bagatelle Op.33-1, Andante grazioso, quasi allegretto
Beethoven: 15 Variationen mit Finale alla Fuga, op.35 (Eroica-variationen) in Es-dur
Keiko Shichijo - C.P.E. Bach - Fantasia in A-dur, wq 58-7

2. Devilish music

J. Gelinek: 6 Variations on 'Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen' from Magic Flute by Mozart
Beethoven - J. Gelinek: Symphony No. 1 in C-major Op. 21 (solo arrangement)
~ Pause ~
Beethoven: 15 variations and Fugue in E flat major, Op.35 “Eroica”

3. Beethoven (1770-1827)

Klaviersonate Nr.17 Op.31-2, in d-moll, "Tempest" (1801-1802)
I. Largo – Allegro / II. Adagio / III. Allegretto
Klaviersonate Nr.14 Op. 27-2, in cis-moll 'Sonata quasi una Fantasia', "Mondschein" (1801)     
I. Adagio sostenuto / II. Allegretto / III. Presto agitato
~ Pause ~
Bagatelle Op.33-1 in Es-dur (1802), Andante grazioso quasi allegretto
Klaviersonate Nr. 23, Op. 57 in f-moll "Appassionata" (1804-1806)
I. Allegro assai / II. Andante con moto / III. Allegro ma non troppo – Presto

4. Mozart & contemporaries

Mozart: Prelude and Fuga KV 394 in C
Mozart: Rondo in a-moll
Clementi: Sonata in f-moll Op.13-6
~ Pause ~
Gelinek: 6 Variations on 'Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen' from Magic Flute by Mozart
Mozart: Fantasie in c-moll KV 475 / Sonata in c-moll KV 457

5. Haydn, 7 last words 

Capriccio in G major, on "Acht Sauschneider müssen sein," Hob.XVII/1
KlaviersonateNr.58, in C Hob. XVI 48
~ Pause ~
Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze

FORTEPIANO (6,5 octaves Viennese instrument)

1.  Beethoven’s last 3 piano sonatas (1820-1823)

Piano Sonata No. 30, E major, Op. 109
Piano Sonata No. 31, A flat major, Op. 110
~ Pause ~
Piano Sonata No. 32, C minor, Op. 111

2. Franz Schubert, later years 

Impromptu Op.90-3 in Ges-dur (1827)
Drei Klavierstücke, D 946 (1828)
~ Pause ~
Klaviersonate in A-dur D959 (1828)

♫ Solo PIANOFORTE - contemporary

This program is built around a new composition by Swiss composer Jürg Frey. The work (+/- 50min) can be combined, if desired, with an additional contemporary piece such as
Noriko Koide – Hyssop (2008)
Tom Johnson – Spaces (1994) 
Morton Feldman – Three Piano Pieces (1954)