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AULOS represents national and international musicians, conductors, artists, music ensembles and music companies. AULOS is committed to provide support so that they can focus on their artistic creation.

Kacper Nowak and Christia Hudziy are launching their Crowdfunding Campaign.

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Kacper Nowak and Christia Hudziy are launching their Crowdfunding Campaign.

Ann Geerts

Kacper Nowak (cello) and Christia Hudziy (piano) will release their first cd later this year. 'Contrastes' is the result of a year and a half of intense preparation, rehearsing and playing. The cd contains three beautiful sonatas by Johannes Brahms, Bohuslav Martinu and Alfred Schnittke.

When listening to 'Contrastes' you will hear the love for the music, and you will experience the artistic craftsmanship of both artists in interpretation and performance. Please show your support for this campaign.

The artists speak.
Our idea was to produce a CD which would be a little different, one which, instead of imposing a uniformity of musical style on the pieces included, would draw its fascination from their very distinctness. 
Our journey starts with Johannes Brahms and his sonata no. 1 in E minor, displaying all the profundity of German romanticism, and then moves on to the Czech Republic where, during World War II, Bohuslav Martinu composed his second sonata, deeply expressive of the Slav character which is so dear to us. Proceeding both chronologically and still further to the East, we end with Alfred Schnittke’s sonata no. 1, a piece which is far more modern and explosive, but which still retains some of the rhetorical style of the classics.
This project, ambitious without doubt, is one which inspires us enormously.
The affinity that we feel for each of these pieces of music persuaded us that we could really bring something special to them, while the contrast between them would help us locate them better in their respective historical and cultural contexts in a way which would underline how they are at the same time unique, yet belong to the environments from which they came.