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Roeland Hendrikx kondigt samenwerking met London Philharmonic Orchestra aan!

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Roeland Hendrikx kondigt samenwerking met London Philharmonic Orchestra aan!

Ann Geerts

Vandaag maakte Roeland Hendrikx zijn project met London Philharmonic Orchestra bekend tijdens de Klara Top 100 live, gepresenteerd door Marc Janssens.

Mocht je het gesprek willen (her)beluisteren, klik hier.

Bericht Facebook 26-11-2017

Great news!!
I am very excited to announce my collaboration with the London Philharmonic Orchestra as soloist.
Together with this world-renowned orchestra, I will record the Mozart Clarinet Concerto in April 2018.
The inspirational British conductor Martyn Brabbins has gladly accepted to join the project.
I would like to thank all the partners who continuously help to make this dream come true: my family, friends and believers, AULOS Music Management, sponsors and the recording company Evil Penguin Classic.
Their kind support, professional advice and encouragement really meant a lot to me!
The CD will be released in 2018.
Soon more news!