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Kugoni Trio

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Kugoni Trio

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The Kugoni Trio have been highly respected guests in concert halls both in Belgium and abroad since their founding in 2010. They owe this not only to their unique blend of piano, violin and saxophone, but also to their energetic performances and their passionate search for new repertoire.

The trio is a frequent guest in many Belgian cultural centres and have already performed in the Palais de Beaux-Arts and Flagey in Brussels, the Academiezaal in Sint-Truiden, AMUZ in Antwerp and the Concertgebouw in Bruges.
The Kugoni Trio have also performed at Iedereen Klassiek (Bruges), the Cultuurmarkt (Antwerp), KlaraFestival (Brussels), BumaClassical (Utrecht) and the Festival Van Vlaanderen. Abroad, the Kugoni Trio have already given concerts in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

They are particularly interested in Belgian works and have been an active source of inspiration for Belgian contemporary composers. The Trio commissions several works each year and has already given the first performances of works by Erik Desimpelaere, Jeroen d’Hoe, Hanne Deneire, Wilfried Westerlinck, Benjamien Lycke, Paul Steegmans, Jan Van Landeghem and Jan-Hendrik Van Damme.

Timelapse, Kugoni Trio.jpg

The Kugoni Trio took part in the CD Mockingbird (2015) of works by the Belgian composer Wilfried Westerlinck and also collaborated on the CD Fingerprints (2016) with the Componisten Archipel Vlaanderen (ComAV), Radio Klara and Flanders Arts Institute. The trio now presents its own artistic profile and policy for the first time with its debut CD Timelapse (2016).

The Kugoni Trio has recorded for Radio Klara, Musiq3 and Radio4 (NL) and has also appeared on the TV channels Cultuur7 and Canvas. They were awarded first prize in the Supernova 2014 and Forte Limburg 2015 competitions. The trio was a resident ensemble for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons at SWUK Flanders.

The bright prospects ahead of this young ensemble include more concerts, more first performances and more collaborations with contemporary composers.

Kugoni Trio from left to right:
Kurt Bertels, saxophone
Nicolas Dupont, violin
Bert Koch, piano

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1. BE Kugoni 3.0  (focus on Belgian composers)

•    Ward De Vleeschhouwer - Warakun (dedicated to Kugoni Trio, 2017)
•    Mathias Coppens - Creation
•    Guillaume Lekeu - Adagio molto espressivo pour 2 violons, V. 33
•    Jeroen d’Hoe - Creation
•    Marcel Poot - Sarabande (from Pygmalion Suite) - (arr. Kurt Bertels)
•    Wim Henderickx - Creation

2. CLASSICS Revisited 3.0

•    Astor Piazzolla - Primavera Porteña (from  Las Cuatros Estaciones Porteñas) (arr. Kugoni Trio)
•    Dimitri Shostakovich - Five pieces for two violins and piano (arr. Kugoni Trio)
•    Eddy Flecijn - Trance (dedicated to Kugoni Trio, 2017)
•    Charles Koechlin - Epitaphe de Jean Harlow
•    Alexei Igudesman - Take it to eleven
•    Kristina Arakelyan - Two pieces for violin, saxophone and piano (dedicated to Kugoni Trio, 2017)
•    Jan Van Landeghem - Musette (dedicated to Kugoni Trio, 2016)