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Boho Strings and David Ramael

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Boho Strings and David Ramael

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What does classical music contribute to the modern world? What does it mean to be a classical musician in today’s internationalised society? Is it possible to present classical music as a source for societal self-reflection?

With his new 13-player string orchestra Boho Strings, conductor David Ramael seeks to answer these questions in an open-minded and unconventional way. David Ramael was originally inspired by the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of his birthplace and hometown Borgerhout. Cognisant of the importance of dialogue in this rich melting pot of cultures and traditions, he seeks to rethink  the format of classical music concerts, inviting the listener to participate in a meaningful dialogue with the musicians - before, during and after the performance - on a wide range of social, demographic, cultural and ecological issues.

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David has surrounded himself with an eclectic group of highly talented string players who share his vision. As an ensemble Boho Strings is a reflection of the great diversity in our society. Algeria, Belgium, France, Israel, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United States - all these nationalities are represented in Boho Players. This wealth of origins and experiences are a source of creative inspiration. This has already led, during Boho Strings's first season, to concerts in Bozar, Flagey and the Royal Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, and Boho Strings is a guest at MUHKA for a unique artistic and creative residency. Furthermore Boho Strings also wants to play a leading role on social and societal aspects with the creation of the Boho Hub - a panel of leaders on sustainability across various sectors finding each other around Boho Strings.

David Ramael - Artistic director

David Ramael BOHO Strings AULOS

David Ramael is at the forefront of a new generation of entrepreneurial conductors, who try to give renewed relevance to classical music in today’s fragmented and internationalized society. He is founder and Artistic Director of Boho Strings, an international string orchestra known for building a more inclusive, compassionate and understanding society through music. With Boho Strings he has already achieved a remarkable track record of creating new and unique programs, by concertizing in unconventional venues and by fully embracing the transformative qualities of music.
Prior to his role with Boho Strings, David Ramael was active for 10 years in the United States, where he led a number of high profile orchestral programs at universities in N.Y., as well as being Artistic Director of Gemini Youth Orchestras.

David Ramael holds advanced degrees in conducting and musicology, having studied at the Royal Brussels Conservatory, the Free Brussels University, the University of Vienna and the University of Minnesota. He was grant recipient of the prestigious Belgian American Education Foundation.

Known for his genuine heartfelt musicianship, and his originality in combining a clear artistic vision with a strong interest in social issues, David Ramael is a frequent guest in all the major concert halls in Belgium, such as BOZAR, Concertgebouw Brugge and De Bijloke in Ghent.